Winners Don’t Always Win But They Don’t Quit

1 Never Quit

We quit when we feel a that we are not achieving what we want to achieve either quickly or star making money immediately. I have seen this many times and people quit before they even launch their products as they feel overwhelmed with everything they need to do before launching or reaching their goals.

This video explains what causes us to quit and why we have doubts half way through achieving your goals.

Those individuals who don’t quit they continue to work hard and are focused to do what is necessary to achieve their goals. They will have a mentor and documented actions with target dates, progress statuses and comments. Alongside this is also a risk log capturing all risks that are a threat in you meeting your goals and how to overcome them. 

“Failure is the stepping stone to success”

What ever goal you have in mind and you feel that it is not going to work then it doesn’t mean that you need to quit, you just need to either change your tactics, review your actions and see if they make sense or review your goals and adjust and keep going.

Written by Master Your Goals

My name is Sean Fox, the founder of Master Your Goals. I have been working the last 20 years in top directorial positions across the globe. Working with many people with various talents across the world. I want to share my experience and learning with everyone. I will be sharing great motivational blogs, focusing purely on productivity and success.

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